CMAS provides the following services:

Alternative Education Provision

We provide alternative education for young people who, for a variety of reasons cannot attend education fill time. We are commissioned by individual schools, LEA’s and Virtual Schools to meet needs for individual and groups of young people.

CMAS School

CMAS provide Independent Schools in Devon and Gloucestershire to help meet the unmet needs of young people who struggle with mainstream schooling. We are working with leaders in their field around the Psychological needs of young people, inclusive curriculum and recording/measuring tools to make this an exciting addition to the educational landscape in the South West.

One to one mentoring for young people with additional needs

This service includes a holistic assessment of the young person’s needs; outcome-setting; and a series of one-to-one mentoring sessions in a mutually convenient location to work together to try and achieve these outcomes.  We employ a wide range of professionals to help ensure a good match for mentor to mentee.

Youth Club and Youth Service provision

CMAS provides over 20 youth clubs a week in rural and urban areas across Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. We are a creative and value for money solution to bodies wishing to run youth work in their area. We also run specialist groups (LGBTQ+ and a group for young people with Downs Syndrome) and can advise on the best way to form, run and manage youth work settings.

International Youth Work

As part of the above we also are involved in partnerships with youth organisations from Pau (France), Gottingen (Germany), Torun (Poland) and Tortona (Italy). We regularly visit and/or host groups of young people as part of this exciting work.

Bespoke packages

As an organisation specifically set up to meet unmet needs we pride ourselves on being able to respond to the needs of young people and commissioners. So, if you know of a need and want a dynamic organisation to work on it with you, please get in touch and we will do our best to make something excellent happen.


We can provide consultancy for organisations on issues to do with Education, Social Care, Youth Work and Mentoring.  Please contact us for a list of subjects covered and costs.

Catering in Gloucestershire

If you require more information about any of the above then please do contact our team on 01242 224 509 for a conversation.

We are particularly keen to hear from Commissioners in Local Authority areas who are looking for creative and innovative solutions to meeting needs of young people in their locality.

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