Providing mentoring, support services and youth work to young people throughout the South West

Community Mentoring and Support CiC (CMAS) is a social enterprise that exists to meet unmet needs for young people, their families and the professionals who work with them.  Formed in 2013 CMAS fulfils its aims through three main streams of work:

  1. Providing commissioned youth clubs and youth projects on behalf of Town and Parish Councils, and youth committees in local areas.  This includes involvement with International Youth Work
  2. Providing top quality professional mentoring for young people who have additional needs
  3. Providing alternative vocational education for young people who are not accessing schooling for a variety of reasons

CMAS works with young people in the context of their communities and we find that very often our three streams of work complement each other.

CMAS also maintains a positive attitude towards young people looking towards what they can do and the skills they have rather than just a problem to be fixed, a vital distinguishing feature when more and more services are “targeted” at “problems”.


As a Social Enterprise CMAS will also pursue appropriate business and fund raising opportunities to help us fulfil our social goals



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